On October 12, 1972, 45 members (63% of the active membership) signed A Declaration of World Citizenship.


in recognition of the greatly increased interdependence of the world in this age of nuclear power, pollution, hunger and


realizing that the common interests of man can easily be met through world cooperation, and


seeking to free mankind from the curse of war and to harness all available sources of energy and knowledge to the service of man’s needs, and


aware that we can best serve our city, county, state and nation when we also think and act as world citizens


therefore be it resolved that, we, the members of the Unitarian Church of Quincy, Illinois, recognize the sovereign right of our members to declare that their citizenship responsibilities extend beyond our city, state and nation,

WE hereby join with other concerned people of the world in a declaration that we share in this world responsibility and that our citizens are in this sense citizens of the world. We pledge our efforts as world citizens to the establishment of permanent world peace based on just world law and to the use of world resources in the service of man and not for his destruction.


that as a symbol of our obligations as world citizens, we proudly display the United Nations flag with the United States flag.