Online Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Coming Events:

During this time of Covid-19, we are not hosting in-person Sunday Services in our church building. Members & Friends will receive e-mail with directions to our Sunday Zoom Services. To be added to the list of those receiving these instructions, please contact us at

Sunday, January 3: 
10:30 am, New Year, New Me…Really? Speaker: Steve Wiegenstein. The coming of a new year traditionally brings with it the idea of resolutions and change, throwing off the old self and creating a new one. We seek to leave behind the desolations of the past and look toward the consolations of our new future. Certainly the turning of this year is filled with that longing. Goodbye 2020! But can we really leave our old selves behind? And should we? Perhaps the shucking of one’s self in search of another is more complicated than we think.

Sunday, January 10: 
10:30 am, The Crisis of Progressive Religion Today. Speaker: Minister Charley Earp. Since the middle of the 20th century liberal or progressive religious denominations have undergone persistent decline in membership and congregations. This includes the UUA which peaked in 1968 with 1,135 congregations and 177,431 adult members. In 2020, we have 1027 congregations and 152,921 adult members. Since 1970, the U.S. population has grown by nearly 29,000,000. What is driving this record of stasis and decline, and how can a local congregation buck this trend?

Sunday, January 17: 
10:30 am, Hope Is A Thing With Feathers, Speaker: Carol Nichols. We feel deepest the need for hope when we have known despair.  In fact, either is defined by the pairing tendency or experience of the other. Such understanding gives us clarity of choice. 

Sunday, January 24: 
10:30 am, Then and Now: Speaker: Richard Garey.  “When I graduated high school in 1964, I was certain of many things: politics, education, sports, and God. Then life happened. Now, I am no longer certain of certainties; but I do understand the value of faith. It is of great value for us to remember the then and now of our lives; and the clash of certainty and faith.”

Sunday, January 31: 
10:30 am, If Rome Must Fall, We Are Innocent: Lessons of Loss and Hope from the Civil War, Speaker: Dr. Scott Giltner, CSC Professor of History.  “My remarks will provide some reflections on how people who lived through the destruction of the Civil War, both nationally and locally, struggled to put the suffering and loss of the war in perspective, move on with their lives as best they could, and look ahead to a country finally at peace.”