Online Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Coming Events:

During this time of Covid-19, we are not hosting in-person Sunday Services in our church building. Members & Friends will receive e-mail with directions to our Sunday Zoom Services. To be added to the list of those receiving these instructions, please contact us at

Sunday, May 2: 
10:30 am, It Is What It Is.
Speaker: Alice Gander. Alice will share her personal and spiritual journey taken since her husband, Joel Dobson, was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s exactly twenty years ago on May 2, 2001. She will walk us through the despair of watching the disease destroy his mind, the grief after his death in January, 2010, and the slow recovery to find purpose again, through acceptance of what is, rather than what was expected.

Sunday, May 9: 
10:30 am, Envisioning the Dunbar Village
Speaker: Doug Muder. One fundamental problem of modern life is that we participate in a global society of 7 billion people, when our brains evolved to manage about 150 relationships. What would happen if our theology idealized the village of quirky individuals, rather than the cosmic machine designed by the Great Watchmaker?

Sunday, May 16: 
10:30 amRising Up Into Justice
Speaker: Minister Charley Earp. The issues of racial oppression, economic inequality, lgbtq+ discrimination, and political reaction call upon all people of conscience to rise up into a new commitment to justice. Can our congregation deepen its commitment to justice in a robust way?
Sunday, May 23: Annual Meeting at Wavering Park

Sunday, May 30: 
10:30 am, Acceptance of Who We Are, and What Life Deals Us.
Speaker: Carol Nichols. Carol will explore poetic expressions of acceptance where poetry, not prose, tells us how to seek “a truth beyond understanding” as we practice a healthy way of acceptance.

Kenna Armstrong will be reading the Wisdom Story on May 2, May 16, and May 30.