Online Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Coming Events:

During this time of Covid-19, we are not hosting in-person Sunday Services in our church building. Members & Friends will receive e-mail with directions to our Sunday Zoom Services. To be added to the list of those receiving these instructions, please contact us at

Sunday, February 7: 
10:30 am, Creating Radical Hospitality Speaker: Charley Earp.
Becoming an impactful community begins with caring for those who are already among us. Learning what needs we embody will enable us to widen our circle of hospitality.

Sunday, February 14: 
10:30 am, Lessons From The Labyrinth Speakers: Steve Rees and Jim Burns.
Labyrinths are ancient patterns found all over the world. Their origin is mysterious and their uses and patterns vary. We will share personal stories and journal entries on how our combined labyrinth experiences have influenced our spiritual journeys.

Sunday, February 21: 
10:30 am,  Justice and Mercy Speaker: Andrew Walsh
What is the relationship between justice and mercy?  From Maimonides through Martin Luther King, Jr., philosophers and theologians warn that the quest for justice without mercy can be as dangerous as the quest for mercy without justice.

Sunday, February 28: 
10:30 am, Bards of the Loom and the Lash

Speaker: Dr. Michael Keller, Assistant Professor of English, Quincy University. This talk will explore how antebellum American writers debated–often in verse–the apparently competing needs of northern workers, southern slaves, and the social order.  By examining the fault lines of the 1850s, we will see how different writers tried to answer questions many Americans are asking themselves today: what does a just society look like?  Is the union worth preserving?  And, finally, when we are pleading for mercy, for whom are we pleading?