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Unitarian Church Calendar
history/ 2 pages
Our Rich History
The Ministers Who Have Served Us
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building/ 4 pages
Organ Notes
A Clever Little English Chapel
The Building of the Addition
An Addition to Our Historic Building
memorial/ 3 pages
In Memoriam
In Memoriam - Rev. Calvin R. Knapp
In Memoriam - Rev. Dr. John Winthrop Brigham, D.D.
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Phone Calendar
UUQ Website Navigator
Contact UUQuincy
plantsale/ 2 pages
Unitarian Plant Sale
resource/ 2 pages
A Declaration of World Citizenship
Resources for Citizens of the World
stamps/ 20 pages
Unitarians and Universalists On Stamps - Introduction
John Adams
Thomas Jefferson
Abigail Adams
John Quincy Adams
Horace Mann
Millard Fillmore
Dorothea Dix
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Phineas Taylor Barnum
Horace Greeley
Lucy Stone
Susan B. Anthony
Clara Barton
Louisa May Alcott
Charles William Eliot
William Howard Taft
Adali Ewing Stevenson, II
Whitney Moore Young, Jr.
talks/ 227 pages
Selected Sermons
Reviewing the 9/11 Attacks
Rising Energy
Political Necessities and Possibilities
A Hanukkah Kind of Peace
The Unseen in Our Lives
A WW II Chaplain's Letters Home
My Favorite Fallacies
Hope, True and False
For All That Has Been
Reflections from a Rebellious Romantic
Universalism, Politics, and Evil
Too Many Humans
Universalism: The Other U
Not In My Name
Religious vs. Spiritual: What's In, What's in a Label, What's Real
The Wounds of War
Gosh Darn: A Unitarian Among the Christians
Scavenging Crusoe's Ship
The Highest Lows: Pop Culture Studies and the Vital Importance of Trivia!
Thoughts on Resurrection by a Doubting Thomas
Acceptance and Action
Perspectives on a Universally Known Masterpiece
Make Room for Wonder
A Time for Healing
What's the Reason for the Season?
The Glass Ceiling of Faith
Our Compost, Ourselves
Religion and the Imagination
How Can I Love You Better?
Struggling With Easter
By Accident
Theologizing Warfare
Kindness Matters
Spirituality in the Technological Society
Whence Cometh My Hope?
Creating a Dogma Free Zone
Stuff: What's in Your Attic?
Anima and the Machine
Was Cain Framed?
Surrender, But Don't Give Yourself Away
Liberal Lights and Bushel Baskets
The Law of Threefold Return
Growing Up as a Muslim in India During the Partition
Joining the Losers
The Evolution of Lincoln's Theology
Let Us Pray?
Love to Love
Trees of Life
The Sudden
Me and My Monkey: Hairbrained thoughts on the synergy between body and soul.
The Story of Our Deaths
Call it a Day for Democracy: Thoughts on our Revolutionary Present for Jacques Derrida.
Troubles With Sports in Our Football Nation
Our Improbable Universe
Liu, Xiaobo, for Example
Keep the X in Xmas - Revisited
Digging a Hole
Spirituality and the Humanist
Character Studies
Peace and Peacemaking in an age of Endless War
Seeing the One Which Has Opened
The Restorative Influence of the Night
'What am I to myself that must be remembered' - A Search for What is Real
Do Animals Have a Face? Thinking about our Obligations to Other Animals.
What it Means to Remember Norbert Čapek
Living Good Friday and Easter with Martin Luther King, Jr.
Religion & the Sea: Moby Dick
Too Many Americans and Other Environmental Problems: Changing the Ways We Think and Live
From the Majority Opinion to the Minority Opinion
Unitarian Musical Heritage
The Backward Look
Connected? Empathy in the 21st Century
Buddhism, Britt Hume, and Tiger Woods
Experience the Moment
170 years of Unitarianism in Quincy
Dreams, Accomplishments and Disappointments: Obama's First Year in the White House
Remembering Forrest Church
The Light In The Dark
Naughty or Nice: Are Humans Good or Evil?
Right Wing Radio and the Place Where we Live
Who Owns the World?
1479 Hampshire: Not Just Stone and Mortar
The Worship Question and the Ties that Bind
Why Church? Why This Church
Thinking About Revolution
A Perspective on Faith
Standing Outside the Miracle: Toward a Unitarian Spirituality
The Spiritual Roots of the Economic Crisis: Pastor Niemoller Revisited
Living Lightly on the Earth, and Living Well
The Most Avoided Question
Criminal. Justice
There and Back Again
Keeping One's Place
Refusing Hegel: Some Troubling Thoughts about Lincoln, The Civil War, and Contemporary America
St. Paul Among Contemporary Philosophers and Unitarians
Books That Change Lives
Hopes and Expectations for 2009
On Living Finally: Thoughts on "The Last Lecture" and Jacques Derrida's Last Interview
How Can You Stand Not Knowing?
Jesus for Pagans
Institutionalized Xenophobia in our Melting Pot
The Spiritual Path of Living Without a Why
The Spirituality of Kenosis, or Emptying
The Prophetic Voice of American Agrarianism
So-o Sorry: The Art of the Apology
Creative Advance into Novelty? Whitehead's God and the Extinction of Species
Trailing Lybian Donkeys or The Spirituality of the Way Back Out of Iraq
The "News" of Rev. Wright - or How the More Perfect Union Remains a Dream
A Thought Experiment in Trinitarianism for Unitarians at Easter
Religiosity as Creative Imagination, the good news of Mary of Magdala
Antigone and the Politics of Mourning
Some Assembly Required
Weeping by the Rivers of Babylon - Again
Quest for a Radical Peace
Living the Peace of Advent with Catholic Mystic Thomas Merton
Let Us Be Thankful
Paper or Plastic? Thoughts on the Difficulty of Life
Postmodernism, Unitarianism, and the Return of God
Get Ready! the World Is Coming to an End -- Or Is It?
The Tenth Anniversary
Why do we Never Have Enough?
In Praise of Imperfection
This Week in God
Words matter — but . . .
What Jesus Tried To Save Us From
What's So Funny? I Don't Get It
Lost In Translation
The Bear in the Closet
Christianity and Social Justice; Reflections on 'Letter from Birmingham Jail'
Let me know if I ever need to bring a shovel
Grace in Unexpected Places
Living Your Bumper Stickers
Left and Right Together
Hannah Arendt & The Origins of Totalitarianism
A Fine Kettle of Witches
Clarence Jordan and the Left Hand of God
This I Believe: Why UU's are a Religious People
Thoughts About the Future
Our Church Community as a Home
Everything I Needed to Know About High School, I Learned in College
Spirituality in Children's Literature
Bunnies and Chicks
Meeting at Infinity: What Theists and Atheists Can Learn From Each Other
Progressive Christianity on the Move
The Importance of Living: Idle Philosophy Born of an Idle Life
The Miracle of Faith
Reflections on Justice in Shakespeare
What a Long Strange Trip It's Been!
Into the Dark
A Different View of Jesus
Our Unitarian Families: Looking Back, Looking Forward
Do You Believe in Faeries?
On the Israeli-Palestinian Situation
Patriotism and Spirituality
The Secret of Forgiveness
Certainties and Hesitancies
Coming Together Outside the Temple
A Perspective from the Archives of the 1880's
Where Do We Go From Here?
A Unitarian Parable for Christmas
Extracting Meaning from the Christian Myth
The Spirituality of the Gift
Which Halloween do we Want?
Has our Church Become too Political?
A Whole New Christianity, Beginning When?
Talmudic Interpretation of the Babylonian passage recounting the conversation between the Rabbis and Alexander the Great
On Judas
On Becoming a Lifelong Unitarian
Nature's Plan
The Ugliest Idea Ever Conceived And the Most Beautiful Idea Ever Conceived
The Great Enchantment of Religion
On Dying Daily
Advent, The War Versus Iraq, and Spiritual Direction
Martin Luther King, Jr., the Civil Rights Movement, and American Memory
Looking back at the (First) Gulf War
Twin Stars
Violence and Christian Doctrine
Unitarianism as a Culture
Life Inside the Simulacrum
The Non-Christian Sources of Martin Luther King's Thought
Taking Risks and Making Connections
Unfunny Remarks About Humor
Good, Critical, Prophetic Theology: Where is it?
Life Lived Between Idiocy and Lunacy
A Moment, A Summer
American Dreams and the Workplace Blues
Unitarian Religious Education: Paradox or Paradigm?
Approaching Tao
Will You Please Be Quiet, Please? And other Christmas Thoughts.
What Mean These Stones? Cultural Memory and the meaning of the past.
Playing the Church Game
Growing up as a UU
Surfing Toward Bethlehem
Christians and Pagans and Satan, Oh My!
The Four Faces of Jesus
Overcoming Christianity
The Morality of a Broad & Comprehensive Education
What is Prayer And Do Unitarians Pray?
A Lonely Minority
Why do we Need Funerals?
Christianity and the Care of The Self
The Specter of Marx
On World Religion
Love as Strong as Death
Uprooted and/or Transplanted
I am Haunted by Waters
Jesus, God, etc.
Religion? Without God?
The Edge of the Sea
Our Four Churches
A Centennial Sermon ". . . all we value here"
The Oracles of Concord
The Moral Confusion of Religious Zealots
This Mad World on its Way to Nowhere
A Walk in the City
Sermons by Rev. Dr. Robert J. S. Manning
Sermons by Dr. John W. Brigham
Problems With Femenisms
Letters from Timisoara, Romania
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A Map of Quincy, Illinois Showing the Unitarian Church
Unitarian Church Event Calendar
Unitarian Universalism
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