Coming Events:

Sunday, December 15:
10:45 a.m. - Sunday Service: "Practicing Compassion", Speaker: Meagan Duesterhaus-AuBuchon, ED of Quanada. In the field of victim services, practicing compassion is absolutely essential in our interactions with survivors. However our ability as advocates to act with compassion and empathy is fragile and one of the first symptoms of burnout. This talk will examine the research literature on compassion, make connections between praxis and research using experience from the field, and encourage practicing compassion in everyday life.
Sunday, December 22:
10:45 a.m. - Sunday Service: "Greeting the Reborn Sun" Speaker: Paul Miller. An inter-generational service. Celebrate Yule, the return of the sun after the longest night. Expect appearances of the Oak and Holly Kings, assorted gods, goddesses, and a saint or two. Everyone is invited to the Garden Room to participate or watch.
Christmas Eve, December 24:
7:00 p.m - Christmas Eve Service, "The Compassion of Christmas": Speaker: Gerry Wagner. An inter-generational service. A celebration of the spirit of the season in words and song featuring The Evetide Chamber Singers.
December's Donate-a-Plate collection will benefit Transitions' Infant and Toddler Services Diaper Fund.
Sunday, December 29:
10:45 a.m. - Sunday Service: "Gratitude", Speaker: Deborah Lee. An inter-generational service. Winter offers a time to go within and reflect. As 2019 transitions to 2020, we will explore how gratitude can help us see from new perspectives.

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